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Food at Huckleberry Forest

Lunch at Huckleberry Forest is not only provided as a convenience to parents, but it is a part of our education. We encourage our children in our supportive group environment to try various kinds of food that most kids never even give a chance (a full range of veggies for example). In most cases, little by little they start liking it.

Food also complements our curriculum. As we study about different countries and cultures, we try to cook foods inspired by that culture. We encourage children to try the food provided, rather than bringing their own food from home. Imagine a situation where one child brings some veggies for lunch and another brings chocolate. This could create a conflicting situation, with negative peer pressure.

We are fortunate to have a wonderful kitchen where we will cook nutritious foods as part of our education. We will grow some veggies in our small garden as part of our science class and cook some of those ingredients as part of our cooking class where children develop small motor skills and learn to follow a process.


Huckleberry Forest will take all necessary steps to prevent allergies from happening. For example, as soon as one child is enrolled with peanut allergies we will become a peanut free school. These policies will be coordinated with parents and they will follow some common sense rules.